SILK-100 was founded during my studies. Like many in my phase, I started with embellishments of blank t-shirts and gradually expanded the range to include transformable pieces. SILK-100's fashion focus is on transformability, Tibetan culture, and the necessity of clothing in everyday life.

The importance of the transformability of a garment has become more and more apparent through my senior thesis and my fascination with big cities and their challenges.

Considering the scarcity of resources and global population growth, as well as social and personal needs for clothing, such as sportswear or going out wear, multipurpose use of a product is a sustainable way to meet people's needs.

In my designs, I always try to include the customer as a co-designer. I want to give them multiple ways to customize their look, for example, through different closure systems or detachable elements, so they can switch to different product groups or styles within the same piece.

In these times, I think it's very important to involve the customer in the creation of the look and give them a sense of uniqueness as well as unity.